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Social Media Blast

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Social media is a quick way to get your book in front of millions of potential readers by using key social media websites.

People who are interested in the subject matter of your book (and people who know you) can be instantly updated with your book promotion news, what you personally have been up to and any new twists or developments that you may be thinking about concerning your upcoming books. More importantly, people who are not yet aware of your book can be connected with you through common-interest channels.

In other words, you can knock on thousands of doors, trying to sell your books, or you can use social networks to become connected to more people than you can count!

When you purchase one of our Social Media Blast packages, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out with all of the information we need. We will then create, populate and link the following popular social media channels:

  • Twitter: Social networking & microblogging service
  • Facebook Profile: Popular social network that connects people with friends & others
  • Facebook Page: Spotlights your book
  • Author Blog: Personal log of thoughts and comment interactions published on a web page
  • FeedBurner: Allows bloggers to manage their RSS feeds and track subscriber usage
  • Goodreads: See what your friends are reading; keep track of what you've read and organize your book lists

Once everything is set up, we will send you all of your log-in information so you can keep your information up to date to help the internet “sell” books for you!

What makes this campaign successful? You do, by constantly updating your sites and maintaining your blog as the core of your social media publicity campaign. We set everything up so that when you update your blog, it automatically populates most of the other social networks with your information. The more you update, the more buzz you generate for your book!

What’s the benefit? All of the content on these popular social media sites is indexed by the major search engines. In plain English, when someone searches for something that is related to your book, information about your book will pop up in that search. Your readers can easily know what is going on with you and your book, helping you build community and loyalty and create new customers. The bottom line is, you are able to reach beyond the traditional, online sales outlets and find a much wider audience than you normally would.

Why do we offer this? Because we know that it works with very little effort. And it works even better if you update it regularly! Social Networks are growing daily. People find jobs Twitter, discover long-lost friends on Facebook and share photos on Flickr.

Why not use these incredible tools to generate more buzz and sell more books?