Steps to Publishing Your Book

  1. First, pick the book publishing package that suits your needs.

  2. Next, register with us by filling in and submitting information about your book.

  3. When we receive your registration, one of our friendly customer service representatives will call you about submitting your manuscript.

  4. Format your manuscript according to our Manuscript Submission Guidelines.

  5. Within a few days, we will make a decision about publishing your book and you will be contacted.

  6. The editor will review your manuscript and provide an editing evaluation to determine the level of editing needed.

  7. After the proofreading/editing process is complete for your book, we will email a book proof for you to look over.

  8. Meanwhile, you will work with our design team to design your book cover. After the cover is created, we will email a PDF file for you to view as a cover proof.

  9. You will receive a FINAL PDF proof of your book and the cover.

  10. After you have approved both the inside layout and the cover for the book, the project will be ready to print, and you will officially be a published author!

  11. The next steps will include shipping the number of copies denoted in your publishing package, activating your web page, listing your book for sale on the internet. Any marketing items, tips and consultations included with your package will then be provided to help you promote your book. Congratulations!