What are the Costs of Publishing a Book?

    Basically there are four general cost categories:
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Book Printing
  • Publicity/Marketing

You can have a trusted, capable person you know edit your book or our talented editors can do it. But please, have someone edit it so you will not be embarrassed later by mistakes or missed opportunities for improvement. If you handle the editing, there is no charge from us obviously. For pricing click here.

Choose a publishing package that works best for your budget and marketing desires.

Book Printing:
After your book is edited, designed and other parts of the publishing process handled, you need to decide how many books you would like to print and sell. Call us to discuss the prices and your options at 855-77-CERTA.

Book Publicity and Marketing:
Some publicity and marketing are included in many of our publishing packages. However, if you would like to boost the awareness of your book further and market it to a greater extent, you will want to throw gas on the sales fire and choose our publicity and marketing packages. For pricing click here.

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