The Truth Shall Make You Laugh

Is it Ok to laugh during your devotions? If not you should stay away from Matt Fore’s “The Truth Shall Make You laugh.” Filled with hilarious tales and humorous wit, this refreshing twist on your quiet time will surprise you with encouragement a

by Matt Fore (Author) · Paperback · Published by Certa Publishing

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The Truth Shall Make You Laugh- Synopsis


This book is a comedy devotional. It is designed to be engaging, fun and entertaining. With each story however, there is given a word of encouragement and /or a practical biblical insight for the reader.

Many of the stories come from a rich heritage of family life, some from stories that have been passed down and some from my own experience. Throughout the book there is a running theme of provision, protection, salvation and an optimism of faith for walking through the trials of life. Surprisingly, through the book, the reader will encounter examples of the real life supernatural workings of God including, divine healing, angelic protection, seemingly impossible provisions, answered prayer and an experience at the fringes of heaven.

It is very much an instruction book of biblical principles and spiritual parallels, sweetened with a heavy dose of smiles.

About The Author

About Matt Fore

Matt Fore ialts a Christian Entertainer/Speaker and professional Sleight of Hand Artist. For more than twenty five years he has been delivering his brand of hilarity and eye-popping impossibilities to churches, Christian organizations and corporations around the country. He has worked as a comedy magician for Carnival Cruise Lines, appeared on several national TV shows, performed at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood and in a video with Taylor Swift.

Matt’s passion for entertaining started as a child. After graduating from Mars Hill College with a BA in Religion in 1986 he didn’t feel pulled toward traditional ministry. Instead he combined these two fields into a hilarious show that is used as an instrument for sharing the life changing message of new life in Christ.



To Learn more about Matt, please visit:

http://www.mattfore.com or



Product Details

Product Details

  • Paperback: 260 pages
  • Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Publisher: Reliance Media, Inc.; 1st edition (2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9829476-3-0
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