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Starter Marketing Kits


So you have your book in hand and it looks great, but how do you start promoting your book locally? The most cost-effective way is with NewBookPublishing's Starter Marketing Kits!

Christian publishing company, NewBookPublishing has several print marketing packages to choose from.


Our kits give you everything you need to begin promoting your book to the general public.

They include business cards to let potential buyers know how to contact you and place orders; bookmarks to keep a synopsis and the cover design of your book in front of readers; postcards to send to hundreds or thousands of potential readers; and publicity flyers to create buzz about your book.


What are you waiting for?

Contact one of NewBookPublishing's friendly publishing consultants today, and find out how you can continue creating excitement about your book long after it has been published!


 Christian book publisher, NewBookPublishing has several print marketing packages to get you started.


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