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what CertaPublishing.com
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Book Printing
Services Only

Do you just want us to print your book
and don’t need anything else? Maybe
you have a graphic designer preparing
your book to our specs and only need
us to print it. We can do that too.


When you decide to print a book,
you don’t want your readers to get
distracted by mistakes.
Check out our expert editing services.

Book Publicity
and Marketing

Publishing a book doesn’t sell books,
publicity and marketing does!
Check out these packages.

NewBookPublishing's base book publishing package
Our most economical book printing
package, requires you to do your own
marketing and distribution.
NewBookPublishing's New Release book publishing package
Our standard book publishing
package, includes some
distribution and marketing.
NewBookPublishing's Top Seller book publishing package
Our premium package includes
distribution and top-notch
marketing options.


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