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Christian Fiction

The main purpose of publishing Christian fiction books is to entertain, of course. But a Christian message is carefully integrated into a plot designed to grab and hold an adult reader’s interest.

As a Christian fiction book writer, you will follow standard fiction plot devices, adding a Christian fiction slant. For example, perhaps your main character, who is a Christian, has told a lie that hurt a friend. In standard fiction, your character would apologize and ask the friend’s forgiveness, and the resulting human interactions would create either a positive or a negative outcome for the friendship.

In Christian fiction book publishing, however, your character cannot be happy until he or she has also sought and received forgiveness from God. This is because, as a Christian, your character cannot shake the misery of having gone against the Word of God in which he or she was raised. This plot device can take many forms, but the message it presents is inherent in the foundation upon which Christian fiction books are based.

"Why do I read Christian fiction? Because, first I want to honor God with my choices and where my finances go. I also want to protect my mind. I find that my favorite Christian fiction books are the ones that don’t just entertain me, but those that challenge my walk, make me want to be more vocal about my faith, make me have a deeper desire to spend time in the Bible and remind me how awesome my God is. I love reading books that don’t mock and tear-down my faith, but books that uplift my soul and my God!"
-Monica Friedline, Author Relations Cosultant
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