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Christian Living and Non-Fiction

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly uncertain world, more people than ever are turning to Christian values to help them navigate through life.

On an almost daily basis, most of us encounter scary and depressing events and circumstances, from financial reverses to family problems, from job difficulties to personal tragedies. Solving our problems and quieting our fears requires much more than mere human reassurances. What we all need is to have God’s truths evident in our lives, and Christian living and self-help books assist us in our quest to live by Christian values and to grow closer to Him.

Publishing Christian living and self-help books is not only lucrative, but it’s also deeply satisfying for Christian non-fiction book writers, who are able to help people in need of advice and encouragement. Isn’t it time that you joined those writers? Please contact us at Certa Publishing for assistance with writing and/or information about publishing your Christian living book or Christian self-help book!

"Making Sense Out of Life was written and published because God pressed on my heart to take the things He was showing me and download those into book form so others could benefit. There are thousands of Christians out there like me who He wants to be faithful in sharing with others what He is doing around the world."
-Patrick McGuffin, Christian author
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