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Raising God's Girl

"Raising God's Girl"Receives the Silver Benjamin Frankin Award for Excellence

Orlando, FL—Raising God’s Girl ($14.97, paperback, 978-0-9962716-9-1) by Rich and Mary Lou Graham was recently awarded the Silver Benjamin Franklin Award for excellence. “Truly the best of the best” said Angela Bole, the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Chief Executive Officer.

     The Benjamin Franklin Awards, which includes fifty-four categories identifying excellence in book editorial and design, are regarded as one of the highest national honors for independent publishers. Raising God’s Girl is now included among this Award's prestigious group of winners.

     In Raising God’s Girl, parents Rich and Mary Lou Graham address the unique challenges parents of girls face. Scripture teaches that daughters are gifts from God. But sometimes this truth can be missed in the whirlwind of emotions, activities, peer pressure, and media influence. “In our shaky world, having Christian parents should be an advantage” say the Grahams. “It should give our daughters the security of being forgiven, the hope of change, and the comfort of being loved through it all,” they assert. But how do Christian parents remain a secure foundation for their daughters amidst the insurmountable challenges they face today?

     As the Grahams explain, parents need to ask themselves vital questions: “Are we unwavering in our convictions? Do we stand on Scripture when it’s easy and when it’s hard? When we tell our daughters we parent according to Scripture, do we reference this only when we discipline them, or do we reference this also when we choose to hang out with them and remind them that they are gifts from the Lord…?”

     Through the conversation scenarios provided, readers can efficiently model the principles learned in Raising God’s Girl. The clear instruction will encourage any parent, whether they are just starting out or in need of a fresh approach in their rearing journey. Making this truly a family affair, the Grahams have also invited their four daughters to share their own perspective, giving the reader the unique opportunity to appreciate both points of view.

     Raising God’s Girl is an insightful book that will not only help parents foster the parent-daughter relationship, but it will also inspire them to a closer walk with God—leading their daughters, as God leads them. Rich and Mary Lou Graham explain that God essentially uses the challenges of raising daughters to teach believers about their own relationship with Him. When Christian parents can understand and receive His amazing love, they can then lavish it on their daughters. Indeed, they can raise daughters who feel secure in their parents’ love and are always sure of this: I am God’s Girl!

     Rich and Mary Lou Graham have seven children and live in Orlando, Florida. They met at the University of Florida and have been married almost 30 years. The Grahams enjoy hanging out with family and friends, trips to the beach, supporting their sons’ many athletic pursuits, and sharing and proclaiming God’s love wherever they go. For more information on Rich and Mary Lou Graham and “Raising God’s Girl please visit http://certapublishing.com/raisinggodsgirl.html or http://raisinggodsgirl.com


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