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Boy Preacher

 From Near Death to Supernatural Ministering: A Boy Preacher’s Extraordinary Journey


Orlando, FL— In Boy Preacher: A Supernatural Journey! ($19.99, paperback, ISBN 978-1-939748-33-1), Alejandro Arias shares the story of God’s call upon his life, which began at the age of 11. At an age when most children prefer to pass time with friends, Arias favored seeking the presence of the Lord. His passion for God led him to see visions of heaven, angels and be a witness to more miracles than he could count. While Arias’ experiences have been unique, they are not reserved for him alone. You, too, can experience the supernatural power of God. But do you dare to believe?

All Christians are not called to preach the gospel from a pulpit, but all have been given the same power source within—the Holy Spirit—to serve God in their distinct call. Arias states, “The reality is that passion is the driving force of life. This must…be the case in our relationship with the Lord.” This passion creates a desire for more knowledge of Him, leading to a deeper relationship. You can tap into this source and live like you never have before.

In Boy Preacher Arias relates the testimony of his own healing from cancer, his witnessing the lame walk, the sick healed, and multitudes saved. Arias dared to step out of his comfort zone, and the result is a journey unlike most. Arias dreamed of preaching to multitudes early on, but even he could not have imagined how his reality would exceed his dreams. He says, “We must activate [our] dreams by a willingness to step out in faith. Our dreams will not be activated until we begin to walk in the direction God has called us to.”

God has a purpose for all of His children. While each purpose is different, they all demand complete trust upon Him and a willingness to obey. “I believe that in these last days, God is calling His children to step out of the boat as Peter did. It is time for us to step out of the ‘boat’ of our own comfort and out into the sea of humanity” says Arias. Are you willing to step out and begin your own supernatural journey?

Alejandro Arias was born in Costa Rica and started his ministry at the age of 11. He has travelled to over 40 nations, preaching the gospel to thousands of people around the globe. He is the founder and president of Alejandro Arias International Ministries, which is dedicated to worldwide evangelism and equipping the body of Christ. He resides in Perth, Australia, with his wife, Rebekah, and their daughter, Carielle. For more information on Alejandro Arias and “Boy Preacher: A Supernatural Journey!” please visit http://certapublishing.com/the-boy-preacher.html and www.alejandroarias.org. AAIM (Alejandro Arias International Ministry) is based in Clermont, Florida, USA.

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