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Breaking Through the Clouds

Experiencing God’s Grace after Loss

Orlando, FL—In Breaking Through the Clouds ($14.99, paperback, ISBN 978-1-939748-91-1) Dannie Gregg and Jeremey A. Walker recount the tragic event that led not only one family, but an entire community to experience inconceivable heartache. A panicked mother, Dannie Gregg screamed, “Please, Cotton, come back! Just come back. God, this is your time. Please give me back my baby!” at the sight of her son’s lifeless body. The Gregg family’s faith was tested in a way no one but God could have foreseen. But how do you even begin to reconcile God’s will with what seems unfathomable?

What had started out as a typical summer day soon became a day that would be etched in the hearts of the Gregg family forever. Dannie Gregg hung up the phone and realized she had not heard her little boy’s voice. She had gone into the house for a minute. Gregg says, “I immediately realized what might have happened…No…No…No!” She ran outside to find her two-year-old, Cotton, floating in the family pool. The Gregg’s performed CPR until the paramedics arrived, to no avail. Cotton was taken to the hospital by helicopter. After working on him for some time, the doctor presented the Gregg’s with the dreadful news—Cotton did not make it.

How does a parent, a family, a community pick up the pieces after such a tragic loss? Is there hope for healing? Breaking Through the Clouds is not only a story of loss, but a beautiful testimony of the power of love. It will inspire hope and encouragement to anyone who has experienced loss. It is a true demonstration of the power source available to believers when the body of Christ comes together in one mind to exercise their faith. Gregg said, “I knew that [God] was showing me His love through His body, the Church.”

Gregg and Walker beautifully convey the story of a family who firmly decided to hold on to God, each other, and their church, despite every temptation to become angry and bitter. Because of their unwavering testimony of faith in God after their son’s death, they have witnessed many in their community commit their lives to Christ. They have come to understand how Cotton’s life has impacted the kingdom. “My baby is in heaven with Jesus and others will be arriving soon because of his story!” says Gregg. The Greggs cling to the wonderful memories of Cotton’s life rather than his tragic death. They rest in the assurance that they will one day see their beloved son again.

Dannie Gregg gave her life to Jesus just one year before the loss of her two-year-old son, Cotton. Gregg shares her love for the Lord by serving at First Baptist Church, Ropesville. She passionately pursues the Lord’s direction in her life and hopes to share love, grace, and mercy to all whom she encounters. It is her desire that “Breaking Through the Clouds” be a testimony of God’s redemptive love for His people. Dannie is married to Jordan and they live in Ropesville, Texas with their two sons, Cason and Colt. They are now expecting their fourth child.

After publishing “Checklist Jesus: A Journey from Religion to Relationship” in 2013, Jeremy A. Walker, prayerfully, yielded to God’s leading to co-author “Breaking Through the Clouds.” Serving as Associate Pastor to students and worship arts at First Baptist Church, Ropesville, Jeremy has been able to build a lasting relationship with the Greggs. After losing their son, Cotton, the Lord used the simple gifts and experience that Jeremy had as an author to help the Greggs articulate the mercy and grace they have felt from God as He continues to heal their hearts.

For more information on Dannie Gregg, Jeremy A. Walker and “Breaking Through the Clouds,” please visit http://certapublishing.com/breaking-through-the-clouds.html.


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