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Riddles Requiring Resolution

There is a Way That Seems Right: Moving from Normal Thinking to Godly Thinking

Orlando, FL—Do you ever struggle to do what you know is right? Or are you failing to stop doing what you know is wrong? In Riddles Requiring Resolution ($13.99, paperback, 978-1-939748-16-4), Dr. Claude McCoy tackles the issue he calls “personal powerlessness” head-on. He not only defines the problem, but provides the tools necessary to solve this common riddle in the Christian faith-walk.

As a counselor, Dr. McCoy draws upon his experience and addresses the source of greatest frustration for most believers. You want to do what is right before God, but instead you’re compelled by impulse to do what you shouldn’t do. Yet, on other occasions, your conflict is doing the right thing.

The battle of the will is not unique or even new. The apostle Paul discussed the issue thoroughly in a well-known passage in chapter seven in his epistle to the Romans. As Dr. McCoy explains, Paul clearly outlines the struggle within each person to align his or her will to the will of God. But doing so is not as impossible as it seems. There are tangible steps you can take to break free from the bondage of personal powerlessness.

Dr. McCoy states, “Most of our biggest troubles come from acting and thinking normally about life. In other words, we [act] in the way that seems right…” He goes on to explain that most of your emotions (anger, anxiety, guilt, shame, etc.) are rooted on lies you have accepted and then base your life upon. These lying emotions begin to crush you, leaving you feeling frustrated and hurt. Dr. McCoy doesn’t just expound on the problem of the will, in Riddles Requiring Resolution, he provides practical solutions for all believers.

Life doesn’t have to be a series of riddles without a resolution. God has the answer for your particular riddle. But in order to appropriate what He has freely given you, you must uncover the truth behind the lies that enslave you. This eye-opening book will guide you on the road toward freedom from normal thinking to developing godly thinking. You can, finally, attain stability in every area of life.

Dr. Claude McCoy is a Christian psychiatrist for over 47 years. After experiencing a mid-life crisis that led to severe depression and thoughts of suicide, he was faced with riddles requiring resolution. This book is a result of the answers he found on his journey as both counselor and one in need of counsel. Dr. McCoy believes that an understanding of what Christ meant when He said He was the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE is the key to the solution for the majority of riddles believers experience daily. For more information on Dr. Claude McCoy and “Riddles Requiring Resolution,” please visit http://certapublishing.com/riddles-requiring-resolutions-for-christians.html


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