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My Journey to Healing

Healing is Possible: Your Diagnosis Does Not Have to be the Final Word


Orlando, FL—In My Journey to Healing ($14.99, paperback, ISBN 978-1-939748-28-7) Bev Weirather relates the miraculous story of how she received healing from cancer. Her journey led her to complete restoration of both her body and soul. Weirather believes all Christians have the ability to unlock the supernatural power of God and obtain healing. But how is this supernatural power released? How do you believe God for total healing when your body is riddled with pain and the prognosis is unfavorable?

For many, a diagnosis of cancer can mean a death sentence. Introduce the word malignant to that analysis and any hope for recovery is swiftly lost. In her candid memoir, Weirather tells of the shock she experienced after a doctor informed her of the malignant tumor quickly growing in her body. Her diagnosis was bleak, but God had other plans.

Weirather recounts the pain she endured and the despair she felt while undergoing treatment for her illness. But in her darkest moment, she began to activate her faith and confess her healing. “…faith dormant in the hearts of people will do nothing for them. A person must start stirring that faith by speaking healing Scriptures into existence” says Weirather. She also shares the verses she cherished most and spoke over her body on a daily basis after her cancer diagnosis.

Healing is possible. God is still performing miracles, but believers must stand their ground and speak words of faith—the Word of God. “When people speak God’s language—His Word—He honors it” states Weirather. But you have to come to the place where you believe God’s Word more than you believe the diagnosis. The supernatural needs to become more real to you than the natural. Healing may or may not occur immediately, but victory will come if you stand firm and believe.

Weirather states, “The healing of my body was the main focus at the beginning of this journey. Little did I know that my soul…would also be restored.” A negative diagnosis does not have to mean the end of your journey. Any believer needing healing can receive it. Tap into God’s supernatural power and set out on a course to a new destination. Speak God’s Word and receive healing—body, mind, and soul.

            Bev Weirather is a licensed para-educator with Keokuk Community School District. She is also a licensed minister for Jail Ministry for Jesus. She has been privileged to preach and teach at a local county jail and detention center. She has shared her story with many, encouraging them with her heart of compassion. For more information on Bev Weirather and “My Journey to Healing,” please visit http://certapublishing.com/my-journey-to-healing.html or http://www.bevweirather.blogspot.com/

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