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Train Up That Child

Parenting That Pays Off: Why You Can Expect a Return on Your Investment


Orlando, FL— Do you ever wonder if the way you parent today will have long-term rewards for the future? Will you reap the harvest of your hard work as a parent? In a media-driven society, parents are often forced to compete for their children’s attention. In Train Up That Child ($10.00, paperback, 978-1-939748-55-3) Roscoe Perry will teach you how to cultivate a parent-child relationship that communicates love and mutual respect, despite the distractions of this world.

 This timely and practical guide to parenting, doesn’t just explain why the way you parent is important, it shows you how to employ childrearing methods that actually work. Today’s parents face the challenge of raising obedient children in a world that is confused by what it really means to discipline. “…children are meant to be loved; and part of loving them is to train, mold and develop them into becoming responsible adults” says Perry.

 In Train Up That Child, Perry exposes the hype behind parenting techniques that have been ineffective, yet have permeated this culture and introduced fear within parenting. You don’t have to be afraid to take an active role as a parent. You can raise children who respect themselves and approach life with passion and purpose.

 What about a child who is older and has a pattern of disobedience? Change is possible at any age. Perry says, “Set the pattern. Allow the child to get used to the standard, and the pattern will change. Once the child knows you are not bending, he will respond.” Perry encourages parents who may have made mistakes along the way. He believes it’s never too late to turn things around. Investing in your child is worth the time and effort. Perry’s techniques are practical and easy to follow, but they will require ongoing commitment and consistency.

 You don’t have to allow this world to define who your children are or who they will become. “Regardless of the culture, regardless of the time, there are some enduring principles that must be imparted to our children” states Perry. You cannot allow society to set those principles for you. You can Train Up That Child and secure your investment in your child’s future.

             Roscoe Perry serves as Senior Pastor of First Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. For over 27 years, he has worked as director of a youth convention and also volunteers at a youth detention center. Train Up That Child came from his experience working with children and families within the church, outside of the church, and from his role as a father to his daughter. For more information on Roscoe Perry and “Train Up That Child,” please click on the following link: http://www.certapublishing.com/train-up-that-child.html

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