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One Day Closer to God 

God Will Meet You Where You Are: Finding Grace in the Lowly Places


ORLANDO, FL – Did you know that God is able to reach you even in the darkest places? In fact, God’s love for you is so great that there is no place He would not go to comfort you. In One Day Closer to God ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-939748-12-6), Eljaye Jobaye shares the testimony of his life in one of those dark places—prison. He gives personal anecdotes of the horrors that go on behind bars and how he seeks God for his daily strength.    

Being incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit, Jobaye would have every right to be a bitter man who has no use for God. However, he has chosen to rely on God for his strength and to offer others the same forgiveness that he has received. Having spent 25 years in prison, Jobaye doesn’t know if he’ll ever see the freedom side of the penitentiary again. But he is confident of one thing: He will see God’s goodness wherever he is. But how do you keep your faith when the odds are stacked up against you?

Jobaye admits that he longs to go home to see loved ones as a free man. However, he also knows that regardless of his situation, he will one day see his eternal home in heaven, thanks to his faith. In his eloquently worded way, Jobaye describes how he copes with the horrific conditions of prison life. He assures readers that his relationship with Jesus Christ is what gets him through the rough-and-tumble of his world behind bars.

Jobaye states, “You see sights [in prison] that boggle your imagination...you have to withstand an arduous ordeal, teeming with malevolent fiends who want to inflict pain and suffering on you at every turn.” But the Lord’s love is not limited by prison walls or even the walls of your heart. The Lord is able to extend His goodness to those He loves even in the most morally depraved places.

            In this inspirational story Jobaye shares the prayer he says every night. This prayer encompasses the full Gospel and demonstrates how, even in the midst of the battle, a person can find peace and be an example of God’s love and grace. Learn how you, too, can live One Day Closer to God.

            Eljaye Jobaye is currently incarcerated at a Medium Security Facility. Mr. Jobaye is waiting with great anticipation for his release back into society or to return to his heavenly home. For more information on Eljaye Jobaye and One Day Closer to God, please click on the following link: http://www.certapublishing.com/one-day-closer-to-god.html


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