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Daddy, Do Cowboys Pray?

New Book Helps Children Everywhere
Understand the Importance of Prayer

James Ezell’s book, Daddy, Do Cowboys Pray? ($8.99, hardback, 978-1-936989-55-3), was titled and written in response to a question asked by his son. The book targets children 9-12 years of age, but should also greatly appeal to younger children who enjoy having stories read to them.

Join Zeke as he begins to look for answers in life. He is especially curious about prayer, wanting to know who prays, why they pray and what kind of results praying brings. As he sorts out his thoughts on the subject, Zeke looks around and notices that not everyone prays, including some of his friends and heroes. This leads him to wonder if prayer is really necessary.

Zeke questions whether tough-guy types like cowboys, who are his special heroes, pray. In answer to his son’s question, Zeke’s father suggests that they take a road trip to a real working ranch to find the answer. Throughout their adventurous journey, Zeke experiences a few surprises and learns some important life lessons. Join Zeke to explore the questions about prayer that he and so many people are asking today.

James R. Ezell, Jr:


Author James R. Ezell, Jr. and his wife Buffy, the parents of adopted, biological and foster children, reside in Brookhaven, Mississippi. He is a business owner and Sunday school teacher dedicated to speaking and writing to inspire others to develop a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As a parent, Ezell has a deep longing to help his children develop a better understanding of the world and  guide them as they make the most important decision of their lives.



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