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Granny's Rocker

A Grandmother Shares Tender Moments in Children’s Book
Beautifully written and illustrated:  Bringing smiles, Opening hearts

In her recently released book, Granny’s Rocker ($15.95, hardback, 978-1-936989-61-4), author Vickie Drake encourages readers to spend quality time sharing love and joy in life with their children and grandchildren.  Amazingly illustrated and written in verse, the book details the outpouring of love from a grandmother to her grandchild as they sit together in the chair known to the family as Granny’s rocker.  The illustrations capture the wonder in a child’s face as pure and simple opportunities unfold for learning, living, and loving. Destined to become a children’s classic, Granny’s Rocker is sure to be read, remembered and repeated for generations to come.

Vickie Drake:

Vickie Drake grew up in rural Kansas, where she learned from the generations of her family the joy of writing and music.  Now as a mother and grandmother in the metro Denver, Colorado area, she shares these passions with others through this book.  She has also touched the lives of children across the world with the love of God through mission work.  She hopes to bless your family as you share her book with your family members and others you love.



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