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Heaven or Hell...Your Choice:
Unveiling Divine Revelations

Is Heaven a Real Place? Is Hell a Real Place?
Evangelist Dr. Patricia L. Elliott Will Prove They Are Real

ORLANDO, FLA----In the book, Heaven or Hell…Your Choice ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-936989-19-5), Dr. Patricia L. Elliott discusses this time, in which the world appears to be enveloped in chaos, and pushes readers to consider the implications for daily living resulting from a real heaven and hell. Her graphic descriptions from  God-breathed visions, coupled with her teachings from scripture, offer readers compelling food for thought that will affect everything from their daily decision-making to how their time is invested.

Too often, Elliott notes, people go through their days without considering that hell is not only a real place, but also has demonic schemes aimed at disrupting and destroying their lives on earth. Equally, people seem not to possess a full understanding of heaven, or of the ways in which the intervention of angels and God’s Holy Spirit effect change in their daily lives.

As an evangelist and prophet to nations, Elliott provokes non-Christians and empowers Christians with the eye-opening truths of God concerning their “future lives” in either heaven or hell. Her ability to describe hell and heaven confronts readers with such questions as: “Who is there?” “Where is it?” and “How does scripture depict what is happening there?” in addition to many others.

Elliott is on a mission imparted to her by Jesus Christ, which is to help people be set free. The evangelist notes that hell is not just for mass murderers, drug lords and child-traffickers. Rather, anyone who has ever told a lie, cheated on income taxes or used God’s name as a swear word is a sinner whose destination is hell, without Jesus. The author, who travels the world, says she wrote this book to edify, instruct, impart wisdom to and confront readers with living a decisive life.


Dr. Patricia L. Elliott:

Dr. Patricia L. Elliott is the founder and president of JOY Ministries Worldwide, a nonprofit ministry whose mission is to take the gospel message into nations around the globe. An evangelist and prophet who was given spiritual visions to proclaim the certainty of God’s Word about heaven and hell, she writes of the horrors she saw in visions of hell and the glorious beauty she saw in visions of heaven, blending rich biblical teachings imparted to her by the Holy Spirit.



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