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Lords or Servants

Church Leadership: Following the Jesus Model
Book argues that corporate structure spells death to modern-day church

In a time when corporate organization is killing the church, Lords or Servants ($10.95, paperback, 978-0-9825734-2-6), a new release by Jim Reeves, offers a down-to-earth, commonsense approach to church leadership and the sticky questions that surround this hot-button issue. Taking a fresh look at the biblical model for church organization, Reeves argues that the “Jesus model” is leadership through service rather than authority, and that grasping this key concept will solve most of the problems facing the modern church.

“Authority to command obedience is the quality of lords,” Reeves writes. “The ability to lead because of earned respect is the quality of shepherds….Jesus said true leadership is service! There are no ‘positions of authority’ in the church...only larger towels! The way up is down!”

Topics discussed in the book include:

•    the difference between what was required of leaders in the first-century church and those of today
•    the significant role miraculous gifts of the Spirit played in first-century church leadership
•    leadership, like respect, cannot be granted by appointment; it must be earned by a life of service to others
•    the church is a living body, an organism, not an organization
•    corporate organization is killing the church
•    the church is the body of Christ, not a corporate entity

Jim Reeves:

Jim Reeves has a successful career in the oil and gas industry, and has preached, led worship, and taught Bible classes for churches in Arkansas, Colorado, and Texas. He and his wife, Donna, have two grown children and three grandchildren.



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