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Sammy Comes Home

  “Son, let me warn you, don’t get your headlights set on things like that. Sure, it’s a beauty.
Fast cars with chrome wheel covers seem mighty glamorous and appealing,
but remember who you are and what you were made to be.”

In Sammy Comes Home, ($15.95, Hardbound, 978-0-9825734-0-2) author Sadie Tellez and Illustrator Rene Cantu bring to life the story of a little 1946 red pickup who lives on Papa's Farm. Sammy trades the love and care of his Father for fancy cars and adventure, but finds out that Papa's love can make even the most rusty and forsaken cars clean again.

In this inspired re-telling of the Prodigal Son, the son becomes a car that has to learn some hard lessons about friendship, appearances and a Father’s love. Wonderfully illustrated, the book  introduces us to the world of Papa's Farm, painting a vibrant picture of playing ball with Maddie Mustang and helping Papa with the farm chores.

Tellez not only tells a wonderful story, but also weaves life lessons throughout the book. It offers many topics for discussion with the reader, and will touch the heart of anyone who has ever left the comforting arms of our Heavenly Father for a world that can leave us alone and broken down.

But, as Sammy finds out, the Father longs to restore us to our shiny, new state, and is waiting with open arms.

“And go he did…. but who was standing in the middle of the road? Papa? Waving his arms and running to him. Welcome home my son…”


Sadie Tellez:


Sadie Tellez is not new to writing. Through the years she has written numerous stories, skits, plays and tributes.

She has been married to George for 42 years and has two children, Sabrina and Timothy. Her grandchildren, Christian and Abigail call her Grandy.

Sadie has worked with children and youth for most of her adult life. Currently she and George attend and serve at Covenant International Worship Center in Cedar Hill, Texas, where their son-in-law, Brian Holmes, pastors.

Her passion for getting the Kingdom message out to the children and youth of today, is fueled by the hope of a future generation that will establish His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.




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